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Web Changes

bullet 12/19/18 - Holiday Hours 2018

Closed Tuesday Dec 21 to Sunday Dec 30 -meaning yes I will be open Monday Dec 31

Closed Jan 1 to Jan 2 2018 9am


bullet 11/22/16 - Holiday Hours 2017

Closed Wednesday Nov 22 @ 12 nooon till Nov 27 9am

Closed Tuesday Dec 19

Closed Dec 23 to Jan 3 2018 9am


bullet11/22/16 - Holiday Hours 2016

Closed Wednesday Nov 23 @ 12 nooon till Nov 28 9am

Closed Friday Dec 16

Closed Dec 24 to Jan 3 2017 9am


11/7/14 - Future Manglos and Associates website. Not fully functional at this point   www.kmanglos.wordpress.com


bullet 08/16/16-Hours of Operation effective 1/1/16

 Monday - Thursday 9am to 4pm PDT

 Friday 10am - 2pm

bullet 08/16/16-New Fax Number (714) 947-1420

bullet11/7/14 - 2014 HOLIDAY HOURS:

November 26-30 closed for Thanksgiving

December 24-29 closed for Christmas

December 31-January 4 closed for New Years

11/7/14 - PLEASE NOTE: If contacting me through my telephone number ( 714-974-7991) it is important to leave a message as this is how I prioritize my return calls.

11/7/14 - PLEASE NOTE: New hours are Monday - Thursday 9am to 4pm, Friday 10am to 2pm, all times are PST.

04/14/14 - I will be on vacation from April 21 till May 8 2014. Unfortunately I will NOT be returning calls or emails during that time. In my absence, You may contact any of the following people. Please be sure to announce yourself as a Manglos & Associates client and they will attempt to answer your questions. Usually billing rates will apply.

For Skyline:

Rich Ghawi  650-583-1063 or cell 415-519-6124

For Budgtrac:

Contact Budgetrac at  www.budgetrac.com

For Hardware Assistance:

Larry Ott 213-716-4248


11/15/11 - I am trying to schedule a Skyline User Group meeting. Any ideas as to topics and dates? Let me know at 714-974-7791.

11/15/11 - Looking for Skyline Fixes? Please feel free to contact me, Kurt Manglos at 714-974-7991 and I'll pass along what I have.

09/23/11-Skyline has released 2012. It includes some new Property Management reports as a new Contract Management system. Also my favorite was added - the ability to save the Date line on Financial Statements. If you would like a demo please contact me Kurt Manglos at 714-974-7991.

6/30/11-Hip is ALL better!


04/08/11 - Skyline latest version is 2011.1 (different than 2011) is available. Requires a reinstall of server and ALL workstations. Contact me for further info - Kurt Manglos 714-974-7991.

12/22/10 - Holiday Hours

                Closed Dec 24, 27, 28 ,31

                Open Dec 23, 29 and till 1pm Dec 30, Jan 3, 2011

12/22/10 - Cloud Computing - Are you ready to access your data anywhere, tired of maintaining your servers. We have a solution for you. Please contact Kurt @ 714-974-7991 for further details.

12/22/10 - Skyline 2011 has been released. It includes soft Micr fonts (no more cartridges) and a new front end called Dashboard. Please contact us for further details!

10/13/09 - Skyline User Group Meetings - San Diego (Oct 27th PM), Newport Beach (Oct 28th AM), Santa Monica (Oct 28th PM). If you haven't received an invite or would like to come please contact Kurt at 714-974-7991.

10/1/09 - Skyline released version 2010. Soon I'll upload the enhancements!

06/30/09 - I have now been married to Lorraine for 30 Years! Ya Hoo!

06/16/09 - ANNOUNCEMENT! I am holding a Remote User Group Meeting June 22 (Monday) at 9am. There is no cost for this event but you must contact Kurt at 714/974-7991 for an invite! Also, I have a projected Agenda if you are interested.

06/16/09 - CUMULUS CLASS scheduled for Tuesday July 7. This will be a beginning level class and will cover how to setup a Income Statement. Cost is $125 per attendee. If interested, please contact Kurt at 714/974-7991.

06/02/09 - Check out changes to employment. There are a number of accountants seeking positions.

06/02/09 - Skyline has released 2009.1. This fixes a number of issues with 2009 as well as add Drill Down capabilities. To get this release you need to be on Upgrades and Enhancements. Please contact Kurt @ 714/974-7991 for further info.

12/19/08 - 1099 Updates have been released for Skyline versions 2008/2009. Please contact Kurt @ 714/974-7991 for further info.

12/19/08 - Skyline 2009 was released October 1, 2008. Please contact Kurt @ 714/974-7991.

12/19/08 - Holiday Schedule -  Off December 24th (half day)/25th/26th, 31st (half day)/1st/2nd.

12/18/07 - Holiday Schedule - Off December 24th/25th/26th (half day), 28th/31st (half day)/1st/2nd.

12/17/07 - Skyline 2008 has been released. Here's the new features.

12/17/07 - Skyline has released 2007.1 csp2. Contact Kurt Manglos at 714/974-7991 for info.

09/07/07- Note: I'll be off to New Orleans Sept 8 - 15. Please feel free to contact Susan Richard at 949/300-7559 for Skyline assistance or Larry Ott at 213/716-4248 for hardware assistance. I will be sort of reachable via email but understand I'll be working during the day.

07/23/07 - Note: I'll be on vacation July 30 - August 7. Please feel free to contact Susan Richard 949/300-7559 for Skyline Assistance or Larry Ott 213/716-4248 for hardware assistance. Thanks!

04/09/07 - Skyline User Group have been set for April 24, 25 2007. April 24 1:30-4:00pm in La Jolla, April 25 9-11:30am Newport Beach, April 25 1:30-4pm in Santa Monica. The tentative agenda is Presentation on Skyline Navigator, Presentation on Facilities Management and Q&A time.

Please contact either Kurt Manglos @ 714/974-7991 or Tim Nightingale @ 952/857-2711.

User Group Meeting Info

Skyline Fax Form

04/09/07 - Skyline has released Skyline 2007.1. Please contact Kurt Manglos at 714/974-7991 for further info.

03/05/07 - Skyline has released service pack 1 for 2007. Please contact Kurt Manglos at 714/974-7991 for further info.

03/05/07 - The Skyline User Group is now scheduled in Late April. Sorry for any delay but due to a few with me personally we needed to re-schedule. Stay tuned for further details.

03/05/07 - Pictures of Bob Lynch

11/7/06 - Looking for places to advertise Skyline. Do you have a group that we could present to or a group of Property Managers that meet regularly that we could attend. Please call Kurt Manglos at 714/974-7991.

11/7/06 - New Skyline Brochures

11/7/06 - Skyline has released Skyline 2007. See the brochure.

11/7/06 - New Skyline User Group Meetings

8/24/06 - Added new Webpage

bulletEmployment Opportunites

6/13/06 - Skyline Updates

bulletSkyline 2006 is up and running. The latest update is 2006.1 dated March 2006. The other versions and their latest service packs are as follows:

Version      Service Pack

2006    -    2006.1

2005    -    2005sp7

2004.1 -    20041sp4

2004    -    2004sp1

2002.1 -    2k2_1sp5

If would like any of these service packs, please contact me Kurt Manglos 714/974-7991.

6/13/06 - BudgeTrac

bulletBudgeTrac current version is 5.1

1/31/06-Pictures from New Orleans

bulletPictures from New Orleans


bullet01/03/06 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

NOTE: Jan 7, 2006 to Jan 16, 2006! I will be out of the area during that time. Sorry if that creates any issues but I will be in New Orleans assisting in the relief effort. If you need Skyline Support, please feel free contact Susan Richard at 949/300-7559 in my absence. If you need Hardware Support, please feel free to contact Larry Ott at 213/716-4248.


bullet12/26/05 - Lorraine Pictures created
bullet12/17/05 - Holiday Hours.

Open:   December 23 - 9am-12 noon

            December 27 - all day

            December 29,30 - all day

            January 2 (?)

Closed: December 24-26, December 28,31, January 1

            January 7-14 - in New Orleans helping out

bullet12/17/05 - New website launch

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